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How to Perform a Driver License Address Change in Nebraska

Residents must know how a DMV change of address in Nebraska works to keep their personal information accurate, as a license is typically a primary method of identification. Changing drivers license address information ensures drivers may prove their residency and identity for various Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) services. The DMV address change process can be done online or in person. Certain restrictions apply to changing an NE drivers license address online, but visiting a local DMV is a sure way to make the update. Learn more about how to change drivers license address details.

When should I do a drivers license change of address in Nebraska?

Drivers should change address on drivers license in Nebraska no more than 60 days after the address change, per Nebraska state statute. A DMV change of address request should be submitted by any new Nebraska residents with a driving license, state ID card or driving permit within the 60-day period. Married couples, students moving out of their parents’ homes and residents moving into an assisted living facility should all make sure to change drivers license address information, along with the rest of their personal documentation. Divorced parties must also apply for DMV change of addresses if they move to a new home.

Where to Change Drivers License Address in Nebraska

A Nebraska resident must change a drivers license address online or in person at a local DMV office, depending on DMV restrictions and the driver’s preference. A mail-in drivers license change of address option is not offered by the Nebraska DMV. The two methods for a DMV change of address apply to standard vehicle operation licenses and not learners permits or state identification cards.

In Person

Some drivers may prefer changing driver’s license address details at their local Department of Motor Vehicles office. At the office, drivers will receive a DMV change of address form for standard operating licenses (Class O). Along with the form, drivers must provide proof of identity and residency to make the necessary address changes. Changing Nebraska drivers license address information requires the driver to submit one document to prove his or her identity, such as a valid passport, driver’s license or state identification card. Nebraska drivers must also provide two original documents of address verification with their new place of residence, including but not limited to a lease agreement, a blank check, addressed magazines no more than 90 days old or an insurance policy card. Residents changing a drivers license address in Nebraska must also pay the appropriate fees for a license address update. Drivers will receive a receipt with driving privileges that expires after 30 days.

Note: The fees for changing drivers license address information are based on license replacement fees. These fees vary based on license classes and the length of time for which the license is valid (five years, three years, etc.).


Drivers changing a Nebraska drivers license address may prefer the convenience of the online option. Some restrictions do apply to an online drivers license change of address, so Nebraska drivers should not assume they are eligible for an online change of address. Class O, motorcycle licenses and state ID cards may change a drivers license address online, while all other licensed Nebraska drivers must apply at their local DMV office. Nebraska drivers with a name change since their last license must visit their local DMV to change the drivers license address and bring the appropriate documentation. Additionally, drivers may not change a Nebraska drivers license address online more than twice in a five-year period.

For an online drivers license change of address, applicants need two proof of residency documents, a credit or debit card for payment, a valid phone number and a valid email address. The standard DMV address change fees apply to the online process, although the online system charges an additional vendor’s fee, so drivers should consider this when updating their license address.

Note: If a drivers license renewal is due within the 60-day period for address change requirements, then a Nebraska DMV address change may be requested at that time.

Consequences for Not Performing a Driver’s License Change of Address in Nebraska

It is important to learn how to change a driver’s license address in Nebraska so that you do not suffer the consequences of having outdated credentials. After a change in residency, you are responsible for changing driver license address information to prevent discrepancies with personal information and traffic citations from law enforcement. Without a DMV change of address reflected on your ID, you may not have the documentation necessary to prove your residency in instances such as applying for employment or other identification and supplying details for your bank account, as discrepancies may lead to delayed services. Additionally, failing to conduct a DMV address change may mean that you do not receive important correspondence from the department regarding your driving privileges, renewals and car registration.

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