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How to Perform a Driver License Name Change in Nebraska

A Nebraska drivers license name change is important for many drivers to maintain legal driving privileges. No matter the reason for a name change on drivers license credentials, it is important to update the Driver Licensing Office (DLO) with the new name. Changing name on drivers license documents helps residents avoid miscommunication and denial of services due to incorrect credentials. Before requesting an NE DMV name change, drivers must first update their information with the Social Security Administration. A change of name on driving license documents has various costs associated with fees.

Why might a driver need a DMV name change in Nebraska?

It is important that registrants know how to change name on drivers license in Nebraska, but many drivers may not know why a name change takes place at all. An applicant must complete a driver’s license name change when he or she changes his or her surname after marriage. Their personal identification, including the state drivers license, must reflect the updated name. Similarly, a divorced resident must apply for an NE driver license name change if he or she reverts to his or her previous, unmarried name. All court-ordered name changes, even those unrelated to marriage and divorce, require a name change on a drivers license after approval from the district court.

Social Security Administration Name Change Before a Nebraska DMV Name Change

Licensed drivers seeking a name change on drivers licenses in Nebraska cannot go straight to the DLO in their county and request an update. Drivers seeking a Nebraska DMV name change must first receive an approval from a local district court. Upon court approval, the Nebraska driver may continue the name change steps, the first of which is with the Social Security Administration (SSA). To change name on driving license documentation, some DLO offices may require further proof of identity in the form of an up-to-date Social Security card with the new driver name. Nebraska residents need to present or mail proof of identity, a completed Social Security card application and proof of the name change to their local SSA office. Motorists may continue with a name change on a Nebraska drivers license once they receive an updated Social Security card in the mail.

How to Change Name on Drivers License in Nebraska

Changing your name on driving license documentation in Nebraska can be only done in-person at your local licensing office at this time. You will not receive a name change on your Nebraska drivers license credentials if you mail in your paperwork and the online license request system does not offer a name change option.

In Person

A Nebraska drivers license name change requires a registrant to visit a local DLO and submit his or her name change information and replace his or her drivers license. In order to change name on a driving license, Nebraska drivers must present one form for proof of identity, evidence of name change, a completed drivers license application, two forms for proof of residency and license fee payment. Motorists changing name on NE drivers license documentation may prove their identity with various documents, including a birth certificate, passport or previous drivers license. Drivers must present two documents to prove their primary Nebraska address, such as current lease or mortgage documents, bank statements no older than 90 days or a current insurance policy card.

A DMV name change in Nebraska also requires proof of name change, such as a marriage license, divorce decree or court order. Motorists seeking a drivers license name change in Nebraska should make sure the name change documentation clearly establishes the connection between the applicant’s old and new names to avoid confusion at the DLO. Fees for Nebraska drivers license name changes vary from county to county, so applicants must contact their local DLO for costs and accepted methods of payment. Once the drivers license name change application and payments are processed, applicants will receive a receipt with temporary driving privileges that expire after 30 days. The DLO will mail the applicant his or her updated driving license within 14 business days.

Note: The change of name on NE driving license documentation requires motorists to present original documentation that proves state residency, personal identity and a court-approved name change. Copies are unacceptable.

Consequences for Failing to Change a Name on Driving License in Nebraska on Time

Nebraska residents must change name on driving license credentials to have accurate documentation for any services and activities that require proof of identity. Nebraska laws require a DMV name change no later than 60 days after the approval. Drivers who fail to comply may receive a citation from law enforcement. Nebraska motorists who do not apply for a change of name on driving license ID may have trouble proving their identity for daily activities, like applying for government benefits or purchasing items with a credit card.

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