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Driver Tests Overview in Nebraska

Completing a Nebraska drivers test is one of the most important things a state driver must do before obtaining a learners permit or driver’s license. A drivers license test ensures that new motorists know how to operate their vehicles safely, interpret road signs and follow driving rules. Most NE drivers will need to do a written drivers test, complete a practical driving exam behind the wheel and take a vision test before they can legally drive. The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides a drivers ed manual that first-time drivers will need to review before taking a test. Reviewing the Nebraska drivers manual can save time, as many applicants fail the driver’s test the first time they take it. The parents of first-time drivers can also review a special DMV manual that is designed to help adults supervise minors as they drive. Prepare for an upcoming Nebraska drivers license exam by reviewing the information presented below.

Nebraska Drivers Exam Vision Test Requirements

As part of your Nebraska driving test, the DMV will test your vision when you apply for a learners permit or drivers license for the first time. When completing your driver test, you will need to take the vision portion at least once. However, if you are graduating from a learner’s permit, Provisional Operator’s Permit or other type of learners permit, you may not need to complete the vision test a second time when applying for a driving license.

Prior to a driver’s test, the DMV will measure your visual accuracy, your field of vision and your peripheral vision. The drivers exam requires standard vision in both eyes. If your vision does not meet these requirements, the DMV may place a restriction on your permit or driver’s license. Failing to meet the minimum DMV vision standards during the drivers test may prevent you from obtaining your learners permit or driving license credentials. Visit an eye doctor if you cannot meet the DMV’s vision standards. The DMV drivers test vision requirements are 20/40 in either or both eyes with a field of vision of at least 140 degrees.

Written Driver’s Test in Nebraska

A written drivers exam in Nebraska is required for almost all learners permit and drivers license applicants. Some drivers may waive their written driver’s exam if they are over 18 years of age when taking their driving tests for the first time. When preparing for your drivers permit or license test, learn what will be on the driver’s license exam by reviewing your drivers ed manual. Written driving tests cover all the aspects of safe driving and you will need to be able to answer questions relating to:

  • Car safety standards such as antilock brake systems, safety restraints, child safety seats and air bags.
  • Health and safety requirements such as driving sober, getting enough sleep before driving and not operating vehicles while on certain medications.
  • Following road rules, such as the right-of-way, speeding, traffic signals, changing lanes and parking.
  • Driving safely under any weather condition and knowing what to do in an accident or road emergency.
  • Sharing the road with pedestrians, other cars, cyclists, school busses, emergency vehicles and large trucks.

The written driving exam generates multiple questions on each of these topics, making it important to familiarize yourself with every area.

Nebraska DMV Drivers Test

The third portion of the NE DMV drivers test requires showing a DMV instructor your skills on the road. Under some circumstances, eligible drivers over 18 years of age can waive the driving portion of their exam. The road skills portion of the drivers ed test will determine whether you have learned the technical skills to drive safely. Before you can take this portion of the driver license exam, your vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • The vehicle must run in good condition.
  • Your speedometer must work.
  • The interior must be clean.
  • Vehicles older than model year 1973 must have a passenger seat belt that is clean and in working order.

The driving test will require the applicant to perform several basic maneuvers which may include: stopping and starting the vehicle, turning left and right, using turn signals and headlights, changing lanes, maintaining a proper speed, parking, backing up and obeying right-of-way rules. For this portion of the driver license test, a DMV instructor will ride in the passenger seat to observe how well the driver handles each of these driving situations.

Retaking a Nebraska Driving Exam

Many NE drivers fail either the written driving exam or road skills exam the first time they take the test. Drivers may retake a failed drivers test two more times until extra steps are required. Drivers cannot take a test more than once per day. Upon failing a driver license test, the DMV will issue a form indicating when the driver can return to retake the test. Bring this form to the DMV in order to retake the test at a future date. Once a driver fails the written driver’s test or road skills exam three times, he or she will need to complete an additional DMV-approved training course or drive with a learners permit for an additional 90 days. After meeting one of those two requirements, a driver can reapply to take the exam. When a motorist fails his or her driving test more than three times, the DMV issues a Return for Services form that indicates the reason for why his or her license has been denied. Drivers must bring this form with them when they return to the DMV to take their tests again after meeting the other criteria detailed in their letters.

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