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SR22 Insurance in Nebraska

Nebraska SR22 insurance is overseen by the Financial Responsibility Division (FRD) of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The purpose of the division is to identify unsafe drivers and help them become better and safer drivers. A driver who needs SR22 insurance often does not drive safely or is disqualified from driving due to a suspension, revocation or some other action against his or her license to deny driving privileges. Such rulings are enforced by the FRD. Once drivers fulfill requirements of an NE SR22 form and meet all applicable conditions, the FRD reinstates driving privilege status. To inquire about SR-22 rates in a motorist’s area, he or she can get SR22 insurance quotes here. For more information about how to get SR22 insurance and what it is, read the following sections.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Nebraska?

Nebraska SR22 is for motorists who no longer have trust from the state to file their own proper auto insurance due to point accumulation on driving records, court convictions or some other form of administrative ruling. SR-22 insurance requirements dictate that motorists use such a form to show proof to the state that the vehicles they own are insured. An operator policy or non-owner policy is required if no vehicles are owned. If required to file an SR-22 form, then that is the only proof of insurance that the DMV will accept.

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How to Get SR-22 Insurance in Nebraska

If you find yourself in need of a Nebraska SR-22 filing, then it is your responsibility to immediately notify your insurance provider of this need. The SR22 form must be hand delivered or mailed by either you or your insurance agent to the DMV Financial Responsibility Division. In addition, any insurance company that submits NE SR22 insurance filings on your behalf must have a Signature Authorization Letter on file with the state. This letter includes instructions for the DMV to follow specifically for that insurance company. Confirm that your insurance provider has the document up to date and on file with the Nebraska DMV. To find SR22 quotes from a reliable insurance provider, get SR22 insurance quotes here.

When you or your agent sends your SR22 form, keep in mind that the DMV will not accept photo copies or faxes of the document and the following items must be included with your filing:

  • Insured driver’s name, full address and identifying info
  • Valid insurance policy number
  • Name of the insurance company
  • Effective date and certification dates of the policy
  • Signature from insurance company

Nebraska SR22 Consequences of Court

The consequences related to Nebraska SR22 differ based on traffic citations and court convictions. For instance, you will need to maintain SR 22 insurance in NE for three years from the date of reinstatement eligibility if you receive 12 points against your license in fewer than two years. Other charges and offenses will warrant similar consequences. If no proof of insurance was your offense, then you must file SR22 insurance for three years after your ticket date. Three years of SR22 filing is also required by the start date of reinstatement eligibility if your license was revoked as a result of a court conviction.

For an unsatisfied judgment that includes license suspension due to an accident-related civil judgment, the Nebraska SR-22 filing is required to remain so at the time of reinstatement of license, but no further requirements exist in this situation. If your license is suspended due to default of payment or an unsatisfied judgment that is a result of injuries or damages incurred by an accident, then the filing is required only at the time of license reinstatement. The SR22 consequence is the same as the previous two instances if you have a license suspension that is a result of involvement in an accident.

The NE DMV only requires that Nebraska SR22 forms be active during the length of the permit, unless license points were also part of the ruling, for employment driven and medical hardship permits or for an ignition interlock permit. In that case, an additional period of time may be added to your existing time (up to three years). The Nebraska DMV suggests talking with your insurance agent should you have any further questions regarding NE SR22 filing and obeying the conditions set forth by the Financial Responsibility Division of the Nebraska DMV. You can find SR-22 insurance quotes here.

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