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DUI Attorneys in Nebraska

A Nebraska DUI lawyer is a necessity in most DUI cases. Hiring a DUI attorney, also called a DWI attorney, is the best way to fight charges for driving under the influence. A DWI lawyer in NE can assist you in court to get charges diminished, and in some cases, dropped. A DUI defense is an important resource to save you from going to jail, losing your license and paying extremely high fines. If you are ready to hire a Nebraska DUI defense attorney now, then you can find a DUI lawyer here. Legal services for drunk driving charges are crucial and can make a huge difference, especially for offenders with multiple counts of the charge. A DUI defense lawyer is equipped with the knowledge about state laws concerning DWI charges that can improve your situation in a trial. To learn more about DUI lawyers and the services they can offer, read the following sections.

Why hire a DUI attorney in Nebraska?

A drunk driving attorney in Nebraska can provide experience with court processes and protocol if you have recently been charged with a DUI. A DWI defense attorney will offer the knowledge to work with the judge to diminish charges. Legal representation is always recommended, but lawyer DUI representation is especially important. Getting your DUI charges dropped altogether might not be possible, but a lawyer can help ease the consequences. A few of the benefits of having drunk driving lawyers with you when you go to court are listed below. A drunk driving lawyer in Nebraska can:

  • Explain your rights to you regarding your DUI violation.
  • Represent you in a court of law.
  • Assist you in filing legal documents required of claimants who wish to fight DUI charges.
  • Protect your legal rights.
  • Work with the judge and prosecutors to negotiate a sentence to reduce chances of license suspension, jail time, fines, maximum penalties and ignition interlock device requirements.

If you are ready to hire a DWI defense in Nebraska to represent you immediately, then you can find DUI legal counsel here.

How to Hire Nebraska DUI Attorneys

You will want Nebraska DWI lawyers who have a proven track record and can offer the level of experience needed to compromise with a judge to get you the lowest degree of penalties possible. One common tactic often offered to the prosecutor as part of a plea deal to reduce the severity of certain DUI-related penalties is the defendant’s promise to attend a drug and alcohol treatment program. This approach typically works well, but if this is your second, third or more DWI charge and you have already attended a drug and alcohol program as part of a previous conviction, then such negotiations may not work. Make sure the lawyer DWI counsel you hire has a high success rate with representing clients who have had multiple DWI convictions if that is your situation. To hire Nebraska DWI attorneys with experience and proven success records in such cases, click here.

What are the risks if I do not hire a Nebraska DUI attorney?

If you opt to deny your right to have a Nebraska DWI lawyer represent you at your hearing, then you may be facing maximum penalty charges for a DUI conviction, especially if it is not your first charge. For the first and second DUI offenses, your license will incur six points for each violation. The third DUI charge and beyond incurs 12 points on your license record. It only takes 12 points to lose your driver’s license. Without a good lawyer to support your DWI defense, you do not have protection against these and other penalties. If you do not hire an NE DUI defense attorney, you could be convicted and sentenced to the maximum extent for the following possible penalties:

  • Loss of license for one year or more
  • Jail time
  • Fines costing thousands of dollars
  • Alcohol monitoring device or ignition interlock system
  • Community service

DUI defense lawyers can ensure you get the minimal sentence possible for a conviction. By hiring a DUI attorney, you will minimize conviction consequences and the risks associated with self-representation in court. If you attempt to bargain with the judge on your own, then it could backfire on you. If you have not faced a judge before as a defendant, then it is a lot more intimidating than you may think. Drunk driving lawyers know how to negotiate with a judge on your behalf. You can find a DUI lawyer here.

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