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Parking Tickets in Nebraska

Receiving parking tickets in Nebraska can add up to enormous costs for drivers. Nebraska parking violations and associated fees vary, according to local municipal vehicle codes. If motorists receive a parking ticket, then it is important that they do not ignore it, as if they do, fines will keep piling up and they may have difficulties registering their vehicles. If a local parking authority issues a driver a ticket for any reason, then he or she can either file an appeal to fight the ticket or pay the fine directly through the local city or town. If motorists do not choose to pay parking tickets in Nebraska, then they have the option to dispute the charges through the issuing municipality. To learn more about parking citations in the state, read the sections below.

What results in a parking ticket in Nebraska?

Motorists receive parking citations in Nebraska for a range of reasons, including parking in spaces reserved for disabled drivers without a disabled parking permit, leaving a vehicle unattended in the street, parking more than 12 inches from the curb, double-parking and expired parking meters. Drivers can also get cited for improper parking for cases such as using a space with a broken meter and failing to pay it. Parking fines are also given out for blocking a crosswalk, sidewalk, driveway, intersection or for stopping a vehicle in a prohibited area, like a bridge or tunnel.

You can receive a parking violation in NE if your vehicle registration is not up to date and your vehicle is parked on a city street. You can get a parking ticket if you fail to double-check to make sure you are within the proper distance of the curb. You can get parking tickets you forget to move your vehicle for street sweepers as well.

Who issues parking citations in Nebraska?

Parking tickets are issued by local parking authorities when you violate local laws regarding parking your vehicle. Different parking violations have different fines. Therefore, paying parking tickets in Nebraska depends on the municipality or court that issued the citation.

What can I do if I received a parking citation in Nebraska?

If you receive a parking violation, then you have two options: pay the fine or contest the parking ticket. After you receive a parking violation, you may receive a notice from your local city or town office in the mail, informing you of the violation, the initial fine and the amount the fine will increase to if you do not pay it by a specific date. If you plan to pay a parking fine, then it is best to do so as soon as possible, rather than waiting and possibly missing the date and then having to pay penalties. To pay parking tickets in NE, you can contact your local municipality, follow the instructions on either the original ticket or the notice you receive in the mail or go directly to your local city office to pay the fine in person with the city cashier. Each city has its own individual office. If you choose to pay parking tickets by mail, then you can send a check to the address listed on your citation or notice. In certain municipalities, you may also pay your ticket online or by phone.

You can also appeal your parking tickets by submitting a formal letter to the Parking Office address in your local city or online through the city website. Whether you appeal online or in person, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Citation number
  • License plate number
  • Reason you are appealing

The Nebraska parking violation appeal process can take several weeks. During this time, the citation will be suspended, which means no further fines can be added for late payment. If you pay a parking ticket while also waiting to find out the results of your appeal, then your appeal will automatically be voided. Parking citation fees vary from city to city, as do the late fees for late payment.

Consequences of Nebraska Parking Tickets

The consequences of receiving a parking ticket in NE can be severe if you do not pay the fines. A parking enforcement officer can boot your car or have it towed and fees for removing the boot or towing and storage fees for your vehicle can be high. The best practice is to avoid parking citations altogether, but if you do receive a violation, then take care of it as soon as possible.

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