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Traffic Tickets in Nebraska

Drivers may be issued traffic tickets in Nebraska when they violate the state’s driving laws. Law enforcement officers can issue traffic citations when drivers commit traffic violations such as speeding, failing to obey traffic signals, driving dangerously, operating while intoxicated, causing harm to others or any number of other illegal traffic operations. Some NE drivers will be required to appear in court for their traffic violation, while others may be allowed to waive their right to appear. A driver who waives his or her right to appear in court will pay any NE traffic fines due and forfeit his or her right to contest the ticket. Drivers who must appear in court can fight traffic ticket charges during their trial or hearing if they wish. To fight charges in court, motorists can find a traffic ticket lawyer here. NE drivers may pay speeding ticket or other traffic violation fines online or by mail. Drivers may also pay in person after receiving the ruling of their traffic case. Learn more about fighting traffic ticket, paying traffic tickets online and waiving the right to appear in court in the sections below.

Waiving Your Right to Appear in Nebraska Traffic Court

When you receive a traffic citation in Nebraska, the bottom portion of your ticket will indicate whether you have the option to avoid going to court. Traffic tickets that have the “Waiver Allowed” box checked at the bottom do not require you to appear in person to face your traffic violation charges in court. Waiving this right means that you agree to pay the traffic fines listed on your ticket and plead guilty to the traffic offense. You also forfeit your right to a traffic ticket defense in court and your right to appeal any charges or fines relating you your ticket. If you do not want to give up this right, learn how to fight traffic ticket in NE and hire a lawyer here.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Nebraska

Appearing in court is a right for all drivers accused of a traffic violation in Nebraska, and drivers may still wish to deliver a traffic ticket defense in a NE court if they feel their charges are unfair. Nebraska drivers may contest a traffic ticket in court even if they are not required to appear. Drivers may fight a speeding ticket or appeal other charges by contacting the court in the county where the violation occurred. After receiving traffic tickets, some drivers have no choice but to appear in court, as many serious traffic charges have a mandatory court appearance. Motorists who must appear in court can obtain an attorney for their defense here. Traffic violation hearings will occur in the county where the driving offense took place. Some NE drivers who appear in court may be eligible for the Safety Training Option Program (S.T.O.P.) or another ticket dismissal program. This four-hour program helps drivers accused of minor traffic violations in Nebraska to have their citation dismissed.

Nebraska ticket dismissal programs are not an option for drivers who commit more serious driving violations such as leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence, reckless driving, avoiding arrest, causing accidents that lead to injuries, committing multiple driving offenses, speeding more than 19 miles per hour over the speed limit and other offenses.

How to Pay a Speeding Ticket or Other Citation in Nebraska

Most NE drivers choose to pay speeding ticket online or by mail rather than in person. Some drivers may have the option to pay Nebraska traffic fines in person after receiving a ruling in their court case. To pay traffic ticket online, use the State of Nebraska Waiverable Citation Payment System. In order to pay a traffic ticket online, NE drivers will need the following information:

  • The number of the traffic citation
  • The Nebraska county in which the driving violation occurred
  • Bank account information or a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card to complete the payment

When paying traffic tickets online, drivers should be aware that making a payment does not prevent a drivers license suspension or a warrant for the driver’s arrest. If a driver’s license is suspended or a warrant is issued as a result of a Nebraska traffic ticket, these issues need to be resolved separate from the online payment. To pay a traffic ticket by mail, sign the document in the space provided and fill out a check payable to the County Clerk listed on the citation. For the option to dispute a ticket, get a ticket lawyer here.

Penalties for Nebraska Traffic Tickets

There are several penalties relating to traffic tickets in Nebraska. First, failing to pay a traffic citation will result in the driver being summoned to court. Secondly, drivers who commit traffic offenses may see an increase in their insurance rate. Since Nebraska uses a point system for traffic violations, drivers will also receive a set number of points on their license after committing a traffic offense. Driving violation points are assessed when the offense is committed and will affect a driver’s record even if he or she later contests the traffic offense in court. A driver can accrue a total of 12 points within two years before his or her license is revoked. The Nebraska DMV offers a voluntary point credit system if a driver’s traffic violations have resulted in fewer than 12 points.

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