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Colleges and Universities in Nebraska

Nebraska offers those who wish to further their education beyond high school many opportunities. However, since there are so many choices, it can often be difficult to decide which school will best fit with the student’s desires, abilities or future career. Some colleges in NE specialize in research and have won national as well as international awards. Other schools are better known for their low classroom sizes and personal attention to students. Being able to compare the top colleges and to view the basic statistics of a campus can be a key factor in making a good college choice. Nearly all of the colleges in Nebraska accept various forms of student financial aid and often offer their own university-specific financial assistance. The following offers a brief overview of the top colleges in Nebraska, including their best programs, most popular majors, awards and recognition and how large the university system is.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha

This large Nebraska university sits on approximately 700 acres in the downtown area of Omaha. The university is an older university, having been established in 1908. The classroom sizes are considered moderate, with the average being approximately 17 students to every teacher. The total combined enrollment for this branch of the University of Nebraska system was over 15,000 in 2017. Popular majors include Business Administration and Management, Education and Criminal Justice.

University of Nebraska at Lincoln

As the flagship college of the state, the university covers over 600 acres. The university is well-known for its research focus and studies. The more popular majors are Human Sciences, Marketing, Business Management, Engineering and Education. However, there are over 150 majors offered. The graduate colleges are highly ranked in the U.S., and include the prestigious College of Law, College of Engineering, College of Education and the College of Business Administration. Class sizes are relatively large at 22:1. This NE college graduated famous alumni including Warren Buffet and Johnny Carson.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney

Established in 1903, this college has several famous alumni including professional baseball player Joba Chamberlain, actress Marg Helgenberger and novelist Stephen R. Lawhead. Popular majors for this college include Psychology, Elementary Education and Teaching and Business Administration and Management. Enrollment is small and averages approximately 6,000 students each year. Students enjoy smaller classroom sizes with a 14:1 student to teacher ratio.

Creighton University in Nebraska

This university is a private school located in Omaha. It originally started out as a Jesuit institution and still continues some of the goals and principles of the order. The school is small, comprising only 139 acres and offering nine specialized schools within the larger university. This university is especially well known for its School of Law and its School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. Most majors revolve around service to others, especially in the health care or health-related majors. Psychology and Business are also popular majors. The combined enrollment for 2017 was slightly over 8,000 students. Most classes are kept small at 11 students for every instructor.

Chadron State College in Nebraska

This is a four-year public university in Nebraska situated in the northwestern part of the state. Many of the buildings are considered historic but have been renovated on the interior to provide state of the art amenities. Unlike many universities in NE, this campus offers students more space, both per classroom and in the residence halls. The school was originally established as a school for teachers but now offers many more majors. The popular majors for this school include Psychology, Education, Health Sciences, Rangeland Management and Criminal Justice. The campus is situated near many outdoor recreational venues, which students enjoy throughout the year.

Bellevue University in Nebraska

Bellevue enrolls a large number of students each year, with the average enrollment of approximately 9,000 students. The university offers 80 different degrees, most of them in high growth fields. This means that students who graduate from this college have a very good chance of becoming employed shortly after graduation. Popular majors include those in the science and technology fields, Education, Psychology, English and the Arts.

Concordia University in Nebraska

Located in Seward, Nebraska, this private college is a small school that was originally religious in its organization. This school is located not far from the larger city of Lincoln. Concordia offers courses, majors and degrees in many subject areas. The university enjoys a 14:1 student to teacher ratio. The popular majors include Marketing, Business, Management, Education, Biomedical and Psychology. The undergraduate enrollment is approximately 1,400 each year.

Union College in Nebraska

Union College is a private university founded in 1891. It is quite small and has an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 800 a year. This college is another religiously oriented school that offers traditional liberal arts education supplemented with internships and study abroad opportunities. This school is one of the only universities in the U.S. that offers a major called International Rescue and Relief. This program assists those students who would like a future career in providing humanitarian aid or disaster response throughout the world.

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