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Top Job Search Tools in Nebraska

Although Nebraska has numerous career opportunities, many job seekers still struggle to find gainful employment in the state. For many job seekers, one of the problems is how quickly job postings are quickly filled. In Nebraska, the job market is very competitive, so most postings will have no shortage of applicants after being up for just a few days, and businesses are naturally going to want to fill those positions as quickly as possible.

In order to successfully find a job in Nebraska, job seekers must be willing to use all the tools at their disposal. Fortunately, the state of Nebraska has several different job search tools available to help find employment in the state. Job search tools have two primary purposes. The first is to help job seekers network with potential employers in the state. The other purpose of job search tools in the state is to alert job seekers to other resources that are in the area. For example, some programs help job seekers find classes they can take which upon completion, will greatly improve their odds of finding a job. There are both online and in-person job search tools available throughout Nebraska.

Nebraska Works

Nebraska Works, sometimes abbreviated to NEworks, is the official state sponsored job search tool. The program is divided into three primary areas. The first is a section for job seekers. Job seekers can upload their resume to the website and look for careers using the job search tool of the program. Job seekers can look based on set keywords, or they can set the search for a specific area. Job seekers can also look up information about Nebraska unemployment services in the state.

The other section for Job Seekers has to do with training. This section goes into details about both in-person and online training courses. The courses are a mixture of traditional classes as well as some programs which provide financial assistance.

The next section is for employers. Employers do not have as many options through NEworks. Their primary purpose is to post job openings through the program. Employers can also search for specific candidates based on either skill or position. Most employers will only use NEworks for posting jobs as opposed to actively searching through resumes, but there may be some specialized jobs where it is easier for the employer to reach out for specific candidates.

The last part of NEworks contains labor market information. This section of the program goes into detail regarding the average salaries of all jobs in Nebraska as well as detailed information regarding employment in the state. This section is helpful for job seekers that are unsure of what types of careers they want to pursue or if they want to see whether or not their skills are in high demand in their area.

Nebraska State Jobs

In addition to NEworks, Nebraska also sponsors a separate job search program which is specifically for state jobs. This program is essentially a much more focused of NEworks, allowing job seekers to directly look for state jobs. The program also has detailed information regarding what benefits are available to workers employed through the state.

Nebraska Career Connections

Nebraska Career Connections is one of the largest and most involved job search tools available in the state. Nebraska Career Connections is largely focused on helping younger job seekers in the state. Unlike some other programs, Nebraska Career Connections actually provides resources for students before they are able to work. Naturally, these resources do not help them find employment, but they help identify what type of jobs the student might be interested in. For students, this is very helpful because it helps them identify what sort of skills they will need. Using this knowledge, students are able to select an educational path that aligns with their chosen profession. This is very helpful for students that would otherwise feel like they are lacking direction when they are attending college. The program has different sections for students, parents and educators.

While the program mainly caters to students, there are still options available for adults that are looking for jobs. Like a traditional job search tool, job seekers can use Nebraska Career Connections to search for job openings in the state. The program provides not only a description of the job, but also an overall summary of the business. Job seekers can look for employment based on their specific skills as well, which can help narrow down searches and inform job seekers about career choices they may have previously never even considered.

Nebraska Career Centers and Job Fairs

Not all job seekers are comfortable looking for work using an online program. For these job seekers, a helpful alternative is to attend a career center or a job fair. Many Nebraska universities feature a career center. Career centers run programs to help job seekers identify their skills, create a resume and apply for jobs. The program also helps assist job seekers that need additional training for their chosen career.

Job fairs are a little more direct. At a job fair, employers have the chance to openly recruit job seekers. Job fairs are excellent resources for job seekers that have not narrowed down a specific career field they are interested in.

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