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Nebraska Birth Certificates |

Nebraska Birth Certificates

Requests for Nebraska birth certificates are handled by the state Department of Health and Human Services. It oversees maintenance and distribution of vital records for residents and other interested parties. The department first began registering births in 1904. Therefore, original birth certificate documents are only available for those born in or after that year. The processing time for birth certificate application records takes up to two weeks to arrive and that is after paperwork has been received and entered into the system. If you do not want to wait, you can get a copy of your birth certificate here from a reliable third-party provider.

Reasons You May Need to Obtain a Nebraska Birth Record

Having your birth certificate form on hand and in a safe place is a good idea in case something comes up and you find yourself in need of this document. The following are common areas of life where providing a birth certificate is mandatory:

  • You plan to register your children in kindergarten
  • You plan to go to college
  • You are planning to apply for a driving license
  • You are getting a passport
  • You need to make changes to your records at the DMV

Get a birth record copy here, so that it will be ready when you need it.

The most common use of a Nebraska birth certificate copy is to change your name after a marriage or divorce. The DMV will require you to show your original birth certificate to prove your alias, as well as your marriage certificate or divorce decree in order to change your name on your driver’s license. You will need your NE birth record again to change your name with the Social Security Administration, the IRS and financial institutions such as banks. Any school that you are enrolled in or your children are enrolled in will need to see a birth certificate copy to prove relationship. Adoption cases often require a birth record as well, in order to amend the name to the adoptive parents on the certificate and change the last name of the child.

Who can apply for a birth certificate in Nebraska?

The requestor of a replacement birth certificate must be a person with vested interest in the document. The person of record named on the birth certificate can of course obtain a copy of their own record as can either parent listed on the form. An applicant with proof of guardianship over the record holder can request a copy of the birth certificate as can adult children of the person on record. Also, birth records can be obtained by an attorney with legitimate legal reason or a legal representative with documents of presentation.

Furthermore, before asking for a copy of a birth certificate, the requestor must meet the proper purpose requirements. This means you must establish yourself as one of the above representatives according to the application process. If your request is not presented properly, does not exhibit proper purpose or if the record in question is not located, the department will not return any documents. Nor will the fee be returned, as it will used to cover the cost of the search.

How to Get a Duplicate of Birth Certificate in Nebraska

Copies of birth records may be requested via phone, in person, online or by mail for a minimal fee. When requesting a birth record, a government-issued identification card with photo is required, and this ID card must be current and match the requestor’s signature on the application. If applying by mail, make an enlarged photocopy of your identification card (front and back) and send it in with the application form completed. This form is called the “Application for Certified Copy of Birth Certificate Form” and is used to locate original birth certificate files for those Nebraskans born after 1904.

To complete the NE birth certificate application form, you will need the full name and adopted name of the person of record, this person’s full birth date, Town of Birth County of birth, biological father or adoptive father, as well as for the person of record’s mother. Be prepared to explain your relationship to the person you are requesting a vital record for and your purpose for your request.

Print and complete the form and sign it and mail it to the address below along with identification photo, self-addressed, stamped envelope and check payable to “Vital Records” to cover the fee indicated on the form. Call before you pay to verify fees. For a faster and easier approach, order birth certificate copies online from a trusted third-party provider. Get a copy of your birth record here without a complicated process.

Vital Records
PO Box 95065
Lincoln, NE 68509-5065

If submitting application in person, drop off the above mentioned application and other items to the physical address below.

Vital Records
1033 O Street, Suite 130
Lincoln, NE 68508-3621

Waiting times to obtain birth certificate documents are defined below.

  • Via Mail – 10-14 business days after application is received and entered into the system
  • Online – 7-10 business
  • By phone – (402)-471-6440 - Available for emergency requests with an increased fee; delivered UPS Next Day Air or Priority Express upon request.
  • In person – 10-15 minutes

Certified birth certificates are computer generated and printed on secure paper. The raised seal of the State of Nebraska is affixed to the certified birth certificate, certifying the vital record. The replacement birth certificate is accepted by Social Security, passport agencies, government institutions abroad, sporting leagues, schools and more.

If you do not want to wait for the state to process your birth certificate request, you can get one much quicker online. Get a copy of your birth record here.

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