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Nebraska Divorce Records |

Nebraska Divorce Certificates

Nebraska divorce records can be requested through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Records can only be requested for divorces occurring after 1909. A divorce certificate can be requested by either party involved in the proceedings. Records of divorce can also be obtained by the children of either party involved. When requesting divorce documents in Nebraska, applicants can submit a request by mail, in person or online. If residents are looking to obtain a copy of divorce papers for a dissolution of marriage that occurred before 1909, then they must have detailed information about the divorce in question. Applicants can easily get dissolution records online here as well. To learn more about NE divorce certificates and why residents need them, read the following sections.

How to Find Divorce Records in Nebraska by Document Type

When you request copies of divorce papers in Nebraska, there are three types of documents you can obtain. Learning how to get a copy of divorce decree files is one item many residents often inquire about. Applicants can follow the steps to get a copy of divorce decree documents and other dissolution details easily if they understand what each document includes.

Nebraska divorce records are the appropriate documents to access if you require details concerning any statements, custody agreements, details of assets or a complete list of the proceedings. Marriage and divorce records are issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). You can obtain such documents through traditional means, such as mailing in your application or bringing the appropriate documents in person. Alternatively, applying for online divorce records can save time and money. You can submit a request for divorce records online here.

A decree of divorce is a document that gives a brief summary of your divorce conditions, including asset delegation, terms and court decisions in connection with your dissolution of marriage. A divorce decree is useful if you need to determine what motions were filed during the divorce, but do not want access to all the details of each action. For example, you may request a divorce search for a decree if you want to know if a custody agreement was included in the divorce proceedings.

An NE divorce certificate is a short, informational document that only details the names of the parties involved, the date and location of the divorce. Access a copy of divorce certificate documents in instances where you only need basic facts concerning the divorce in question. For example, a certificate of divorce would be best used to verify whether or not the court proceedings were filed.

How can I get a copy of my divorce papers in Nebraska?

Residents often ask how to get a copy of divorce papers in Nebraska after establishing what paperwork they require. Fortunately, the steps for how to get divorce papers are easy to follow with online options to expedite the process. Online processing eliminates the wait time and additional fees associated with mail-in applications. When requesting a divorce decree copy by mail, applicants must contact the county in which the divorce took place. Additionally divorce record search mail-in options require several weeks for processing and delivery.

You can learn how to find divorce records for a dissolution that occurred before 1909 by visiting a district or county court. To find divorce records in Nebraska for documents issued before 1909, such a request is considered a public record divorce and may not be subject to the same conditions as a recent divorce. When looking to obtain public records of divorce in NE, you should refer to district court records if you wish to obtain a copy in person or by mail.

To search divorce records for a recent event, you can write to the DHHS and include the necessary payment in the form of a check. Credit card information will not be accepted by mail. If you are requesting a copy of a divorce certificate for someone other than yourself, then you must provide justification for this access in the form of state-approved proper purpose.

Records of divorce can be obtained for use in legal proceedings by the legal representative of one of the people involved in the divorce. Additionally, the child of either party can request a copy of divorce papers for their parents. Applicants must provide proof of their relationship to the named registrants on the papers by providing a copy of a state ID or valid passport. However, if claimants apply by mail and the application is rejected for any reason, then the processing fee is not refunded. Residents can eliminate long wait times by requesting a divorce record copy online.

Who is eligible to obtain a Nebraska divorce records?

The steps that outline how to get divorce papers in Nebraska include determining your eligibility to access the documents in question. Access is determined based on your association to the parties involved in the divorce. Divorce decree copy information is only available if the divorce record search is for your own, if one of your parents is involved in the dissolution or if you are a legal representative of one of the aforementioned parties. You may obtain a certified copy of divorce decree papers and other related documents if you have proof of proper purpose. Proper purpose of a divorce document may include instances such as changing your name, releasing your spouse from your health insurance, changing your bank account details and other legal matters.

A legal representative is defined as any legally recognized person who has written permission to access personal documents on behalf of his or her client. Proof of this association must include documents signed by one of the parties involved in the divorce or their children. Legal representatives can then access certified copies of divorce decree paperwork on behalf of one of the divorce participants.

Many residents often wonder how to find divorce records in Nebraska after establishing eligibility. If claimants are eligible to receive the requested documents, then they can submit a request for divorce records online here.

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