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Nebraska Driving Records

A Nebraska driving record is a document of a motorist’s history behind the wheel, held by the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Every motorist should keep track of his or her driving record so as to avoid any surprises and always know if he or she is in danger of severe consequences. Ordering an NE DMV driving record can take place online, by mail or in person. Performing a DMV record search is recommended so that drivers can see their driving license status, traffic citations and motor vehicle accidents. Driving records contain vital information that lets motorists know their history on the road. Checking driving record files can alert a motorist to any errors or mistakes that may affect him or her professionally or personally. Learn more about how to perform a DMV records search and why looking up driving history is important in the sections below.

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Nebraska DMV Driving History Points Overview

Part of your personal driving record in NE are the points collected on your driving license. Your personal driving history will reflect the traffic violations you committed while operating a vehicle and show how many points each citation was worth. Nebraska driver records retain point history for up to five years from the time each violation is added to the record. Collecting 12 or more points on your DMV driver history in a two-year period will lead to an automatic license revocation. However, you can clean your driving record partially by earning a two-point credit for enrolling in and successfully completing an approved driver improvement course.

A point on driving record history can be added to your license if you drive one to 10 mph over the speed limit. Other violations that can add to your Nebraska drivers record points include the following:

  • Driving under the influence (third or more offense) – 12 points
  • Hit and run – 6 points
  • Careless driving – 4 points

Your personal driver history can include various other violations worth an array of points. To check your NE driving record, see the methods of ordering in later sections.

What will I find when I do a driving record check in Nebraska?

If you find yourself asking, “What will I see when I get my driving record in Nebraska?” then you are informed that your license record holds details pertaining to your history as a motorist. Your personal driver record will have basic details such as identifying information, driver’s license status, restrictions and endorsements, car accidents and accumulated points, as well as vehicle-related violations and convictions.

The identifying information your DMV drivers history contains is your name, your date of birth, your residential address, your county and your physical description. When getting driving record history, you will also find your drivers license status, such as if it is suspended or revoked, as well as if you are part of the military. Additionally, a driving record lookup can reveal administrative penalties and convictions resulting from traffic tickets and criminal driving violations. If you want to order Nebraska driving records online, then you can check application requirements with the DMV website.

What is not included on my Nebraska driving record search?

When learning how to get your driving record in Nebraska, you will also want to know what will not be found in the files. Any individuals or organizations checking your driving record will only find history pertaining to your behavior as a motorist. Therefore, criminal history will not be found on your driver’s record. However, criminal driver violations, such as vehicular manslaughter or driving under the influence (DUI), will appear on your NE driver’s history, as such behaviors are both unlawful and driving related.

A driving record request submitted to the DMV will also not include a credit report. Nebraska driving records do not contain financial information, as such details have nothing to do with a motorist’s history or behavior as a driver on state roads. However, DMV driver’s history may include a charge of failure to pay child support, as such financial irresponsibility can lead to a suspended license. Additionally, traffic tickets with fees will also appear on a record for driving.

Types of Nebraska Driving Records

Nebraska driver records come in two main types: a five-year report and complete driving record. Both a full driving record and five-year history contain the same information about points, violations and car accidents, as well as other driving related files. However, the difference between the two types of DMV driver records is how far back the history goes. The five-year DMV driver history in Nebraska contains a motorist’s records for the last five years from the time the request is processed. The complete driver record, on the other hand, contains driving history from as far back as the date the motorist obtained a license. Motorists can get their NE driver records online and by other methods detailed below.

How to Order Driving Record in Nebraska

Applicants asking themselves, “How can I lookup my driving record in Nebraska?” are informed that they have three options available: in person, by mail or online. All driving record requests must be submitted with the appropriate application and fee payment. Registrants can print driving record request applications from home and bring the filled-out forms to their local DMV office during business days and hours or send it via post to the DMV’s P.O. Box. However, using the walk-in method or sending a request by mail may prove inconvenient for an applicant’s personal schedule, or they may take several weeks to receive results if done by mail.

If you are wondering how to get driving record online applications, then you are advised to look on the state DMV website. To order a driving record online, you can simply fill out the form from the comfort of your own home, which can be done in minutes. Submitting a driver record search online is the easiest way to obtain your history.

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