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Nebraska Marriage Certificates

Nebraska marriage license requests are handled by the state Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Therefore, a marriage license lookup does not have to be done at the county level. If the marriage record in question took place since 1909, the “Application for Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate” form from the DHHS should be used. For marriages from before 1909, you will need to go back to the county where the event occurred and request the record from the County Clerk. Alternatively, pre-1913 records are preserved by the Nebraska State Historical Society. More tips on how you can find information on obtaining a marriage certificate online follow.

Who can request marriage records in Nebraska?

Marriage license records can only be released to certain parties. The persons of record or the children of the persons of record may request duplicate record copies. However, all other requests must be proven to be solicited in all appropriate purposes according to what is deemed purposeful. If an NE marriage license search produces no results, you will be informed by mail, but fees will not be returned, as they are used to fund search and administrative fees.

Types of Nebraska Marriage Documents

Wedding records are offered in a number of different formats. A state certified copy of marriage certificate document can be obtained by mail or in person through the DHHS (see below). Alternately, each of the 93 Nebraska county courts can provide a certified marriage license through the county clerk’s office. These documents are a little less expensive, and each county has its own form or preferred method of request, though they all have the same basic Nebraska marriage certificate copy application form and process as the marriage certificate provided by the DHHS. These licenses are offered by mail and in person, depending on the county guidelines, but the fee is the same across the board. Many times county vital records will go back farther than state records, and different counties have different dates in which they began saving records, and some can contain records that are quite old. For example, Douglas County features a marriage record search database that goes back to 1856. If you need a copy of your NE marriage certificate but don’t have time to wait for your application to be received and your certificate to be mailed back to you, an alternative option is to order an online marriage certificate copy from a reputable and trusted source. Get a marriage record copy here.

There are two additional types of certified marriage certificate copy options. The Long Form or the Abstract Marriage Certificate options are selections on the DHHS application form. Marriages that took place after the first of the year 2007, or later, are eligible to opt for the Abstract format when placing vital record requests.

Lastly, if you are in need of a Nebraska marriage certificate copy with an apostille or authentication certification, this can be obtained from the Secretary of State’s office. This type of marriage certificate qualification is a requirement of other countries and is a typical certified document, but with the state notary signature included on the marriage record. Apostille and authentication notations can only be applied to government-issued certificates. To request this certification of your NE marriage license, order a marriage certificate from the Nebraska DHHS or county clerk and then send the original certified copy, along with the nominal fee to the address below. Indicate what country the document is going to, instructions regarding how to send it and your phone contact number in case of questions. Also, include an Express Mail pre-paid and pre-addressed air bill if you require express shipping.

Send apostille or authentication requests to:

Nebraska Secretary of State
Notary Division
PO Box 95104
Lincoln, NE 68509


Nebraska Secretary of State
Notary Division
1201 N Street, Suite 120
Lincoln, NE 68508

Getting a Nebraska Duplicate Marriage Certificate

When you fill out the DHHS application for a marriage certificate search, you will need to input the full names of both the groom and the bride and include any maiden name or other names the bride previously identified with. Indicate the county where the marriage license originally generated, as well as the month, date and year of the marriage. You will also be asked to notate the purpose of the request and explain your relation to person of record. Sign your name and fill in personal contact info and the date. Make sure to indicate the type of NE marriage record you need, either long or abstract, or you will be sent the abstract by default. Include the items in the checklist with your application and mail it to the address below. If you need a copy of your marriage certificate online sooner, get a copy of your marriage record here from a trustworthy third-party site.

Checklist for Nebraska marriage record search application:

  • Fee payment included via check made payable to Vital Records; call to verify fees (402)-471-2871 as they can change without notice
  • Photocopy of current photo ID or drivers license of requestor
  • A business-sized, self-addressed stamped envelope

Mail to:

Vital Records

Po box 95065

Lincoln, Ne 68509-5065

Other Nebraska Marriage Record Search Options

Other places where a marriage record search can be conducted are the Library/Archives at the Nebraska State Historical Society. Here, many records date back to the very beginnings of the counties. Marriage records dated before 1976, but after 1909, are maintained by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Getting a Nebraska Replacement Marriage Certificate to Change Your Name

You will need to replace a lost marriage certificate if you are considering changing your name, either after marriage or divorce, after an adoption or for another reason. You will need your NE marriage registration at the DMV to change your driver license and any other government agencies or institutions such as the Social Security Administration or your bank where your name will need updating. Get a copy of your marriage record here to prepare for your visit the DMV.

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