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Nebraska Bill of Sale

A Nebraska bill of sale form is one document you will need for vehicle purchases in the state. A bill of sale serves as a receipt when you purchase a car or other type of vehicle. While a vehicle bill of sale is not required when you are buying or selling to a private party, it is still a good idea to use one. A bill of sale document can protect both the buyer and the seller in case any issues arise after the vehicle purchase. Before purchasing a car or signing a bill of sale contract, it is important to know its purpose, the kind of information you need to provide on it and what a bill of sale agreement in Nebraska can do.

What is a bill of sale in Nebraska?

A bill of sale for car purchases is a legal document that contains information about the make and model of the vehicle being sold, the names and addresses of the buyer and the seller, the purchase price of the vehicle and the seller’s and buyer’s signatures. A DMV bill of sale confirms that the seller is legally authorized to sell the vehicle and that the vehicle is not subject to any liens, claims or other demands or charges. The Nebraska bill of sales will need notarization to be official. Residents can get a comprehensive bill of sale package here.

Vehicle bill of sale forms are also useful for your record keeping. Whether a motorcycle bill of sale or a used car bill of sale, the form contains useful information, like the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the odometer reading and other basic vehicle information. As the seller, you may need this information later. A standard bill of sale is important to have on hand, as vehicle purchases and sales can be large financial transactions.

When are Nebraska bills of sale required or recommended?

A Nebraska bill of sale is required in vehicle purchases or sales through a dealership. Whether you are purchasing a motorcycle, a truck or a car, you will need to have this document from the seller. A standard bill of sale includes information about the sale, the seller and the vehicle, including the following:

  • The names, addresses and signatures of both the buyer and the seller
  • The VIN number, make of the car, body style, year and color
  • The date of the vehicle sale
  • The selling price
  • Odometer reading at the time of the sale
  • Any other terms of the sale

A bill of sale template clearly delineates exactly what kind of information the buyer and the seller need to provide. Make sure the sale price in the bill of sale is the exact sale price you and the seller agreed to. Check the odometer reading on the vehicle with the odometer reading on the document. Bill of sale forms should also have the exact VIN number. If the VIN numbers on the form and on the dashboard of the vehicle do not match, then you could run into problems later on. Once you sign the bill of sale, it is legally binding. Before signing such paperwork, take the following steps:

  • Have an independent mechanic check the vehicle to make sure there are not any mechanical issues and look over the vehicle thoroughly to make sure there are no problems with the body.
  • Verify that the vehicle can pass emissions tests.
  • Make certain you understand everything in your purchase contract and take the time to read it thoroughly.

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How does a Nebraska bill of sale help car buyers?

A bill of sale for a car or other vehicle can help you because it proves that you are the purchaser, that you agreed to a certain price, that the VIN numbers match and the car is not stolen. If the bill of sale is missing information or contradicts the verbal agreement you have with the seller, then you have reason for suspicion. Do not ever leave any part of the bill of sale blank, as then the seller could easily add in different information from what you agreed to that could work against you. Plus, providing false or misleading information on an official legal document could lead to legal trouble. To find a bill of sale online and a comprehensive package, click here.

How does a bill of sale in Nebraska help car sellers?

Bill of sale templates can also protect you if you are selling a vehicle. Since the bill of sale specifies the vehicle details, price and other terms of the transaction, this will protect you if, for example, the purchaser tries to back out of the deal. Including “as is” language on used car bills of sale can also protect you from being held responsible for any malfunctions after the car sale. Find a comprehensive bill of sale package here.

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