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How to Perform a Car Registration Address Change in Nebraska

Many drivers may wonder how to change address on registration in Nebraska, an important task that is part of responsible vehicle ownership. Although many vehicle services are online, changing car registration address information is a procedure that must be performed in person at a local county treasurer’s office. In addition to changing a car registration address, drivers may wish to update the certificate of title for uniformity and ease. Out-of-state residents and non-standard operators wondering about an exemption on address change on car registration should continue reading to learn more.

Who should change car registration address in Nebraska?

Drivers should change Nebraska car registration address whenever they move to a new residence or notice any errors on their vehicle registration. Married couples, residents of an assisted living facility with a valid drivers license, divorced couples and licensed teen drivers should all apply for a DMV change of address registration in NE after moving away from the place of residence originally listed on their vehicle registration.


Some drivers are exempt from car registration address change in Nebraska, including some out-of-state students, military personnel and passenger cars spending less than 30 days in Nebraska. Full-time students are exempt from changing car registration address if they are from outside of Nebraska. Students who choose not to change a car registration address in Nebraska should always have their school’s student ID to provide proof of their student exemption. Another exception is if a standard passenger vehicle registered in a different state spends less than 30 consecutive days in Nebraska, the drivers do not have to apply for a DMV car registration address change. Out-of-state drivers from North Carolina and Wyoming are currently exempt from this 30-day rule, and those drivers can renew and change car registration address to the Nebraska address when their current registration expires. Military personnel may also be exempt from changing car registration address in NE if they are located on a military base or a military recruitment site and have not established an official Nebraska residency.

Note: Standard motor vehicles and trailers require vehicle registration and an address change on NE car registration, but certain vehicles are exempt from registration regulations including, but not limited to:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV).
  • Farm equipment.
  • Golf carts.
  • Vehicles that run on tracks or rails.
  • Portables scales.

Nebraska residents, particularly those who own and operate farm machinery, should check with their county treasury office or DMV website for a complete list of exempt vehicles.

How to Change the Address on Your Car Registration in Nebraska

Unlike other services, a DMV car registration address change in Nebraska is only available in person at a local county treasurer office. Drivers must fill out a Nebraska change of address car registration application in the county in which they are registered. An NE address change on car registration requires the driver to bring an original and updated insurance policy or card as proof of financial responsibility and the expiring car registration document. Renewal fees vary, so drivers changing Nebraska car registration address should contact the local county treasurer’s office for the renewal cost and acceptable forms of payment.

How to Change Car Title Address in Nebraska

In addition to the car registration address change, Nebraska drivers may consider updating their certificate of title to reflect the new address. Nebraska drivers must fill out a form to request a duplicate certificate of title, and on this form, they may change the address to reflect the car registration address change. After the form is notarized, applicants must then submit the duplicate title request to the county treasury office in person. The duplicate title request process also requires the driver to submit a payment, and drivers should confirm with the country treasury office for accepted forms of payment.

Drivers may also need to change NE car registration address and title information after a divorce or after the death of a family member. In cases of divorce, the person moving to a new location must change the vehicle registration address upon the expiration of their current registration, but the divorce decree orders the vehicle title transfer and update, when applicable. The driver must fill out a new application for the certificate of title and may then fill out the application with their new place of residence, along with the standard title fees in their county.

Many residents may wonder how to change Nebraska car registration address information and transfer the ownership of the car in the case of a deceased resident, if the deceased was the sole owner of the title. In such a scenario, the court appoints a representative and then the representative assigns the title of ownership. The assigned owner must satisfy certain court requirements, including a new certificate of title application, before submitting a transfer form and payment. After the title update, the new owner may submit a DMV car registration address change when the vehicle’s registration expires.

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