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How to Renew a Car Registration in Nebraska

Drivers must complete vehicle registration renewal in Nebraska through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) under the County Treasurer’s office. The forms for renewing car registration are processed through the County Treasurer’s office rather than a DMV. Drivers are allowed to renew documents online, in person or by mail. Most drivers can renew car registration online to avoid a trip to the County Treasurer’s office. Residents must register their vehicles with their county of residence. Therefore, DMV vehicle registration renewal in NE may need to take place in a different county if you have recently moved.

When to Renew Car Registration in Nebraska

You will receive an NE DMV vehicle registration renewal notice when it is time to renew your registration. This notice will tell you when your registration expires, allowing you to renew car registration documents before your deadline. In most cases, your vehicle registration is valid for a one-year period. The date of your Nebraska car registration renewal is based on when you bought your car.

Drivers who own more than two vehicles may have the option to renew car registrations for all their vehicles on a calendar-year schedule, which covers January through December. Alternatively, an owner of multiple vehicles can ask about renewing car registration on an annual basis beginning in the month of his or her choosing.

Documents Required for Renewing a Car Registration in Nebraska

Whether you complete your auto registration renewal online, in person or through the mail, you will need to provide the same documents. These documents are:

  • The original car registration document that is expiring. Alternatively, you may use the bottom portion of the vehicle registration renewal notice you received in the mail.
  • An original document showing proof of insurance (also referred to as Proof of Financial Responsibility). You may not bring a copy of your insurance card.

After the documents for your auto registration renewal are verified, you will receive your new renewed car registration certificate and license plate tabs. Affix your updated tabs to your license plate when you receive them. Also, keep your car registration document in the car at all times. You need this certificate to prove ownership of your vehicle in the event that you are stopped by a law enforcement officer.

How to Renew Car Registration in Nebraska Online

Many Nebraska drivers can renew car registration online rather than making a trip to the County Treasurer’s office. Drivers are eligible to renew a car registration online if they have not made any changes to the information on their car registration forms since the last time they renewed it. Motorists are not eligible to renew online if their vehicles are a truck with a registered weight of more than 27 tons. Additionally, if the driver’s car registration has been expired for more than one year, then he or she cannot renew it online.

Drivers who are eligible to renew car registration online will need to provide the registered name or business name on the current registration, the license plate number and the plate type. The NE vehicle registration renewal reminder that drivers receive in the mail will contain this information. Drivers will also provide their proof of insurance when renewing online. The driver’s insurance will be verified through the Insurance Database. Be prepared to pay the Nebraska car registration renewal taxes and fees online using a checking account or credit card.

When renewing online, your vehicle registration renewal documents will be mailed within five to seven business days to the same address where you received your renewal notice.

Renewing Nebraska Car Registration in Person or By Mail

If you are ineligible to renew car registration online, then you will have to complete the renewal in person or by mail. Both of these Nebraska vehicle registration renewal methods are performed through the NE County Treasurer’s office in the county where you live. To renew your registration in person, bring the bottom portion of your renewal notice or your current car registration certificate, as well as proof of insurance, to your local County Treasurer's office. When renewing your car registration, be prepared to pay taxes and fees. Save time by contacting the office to learn more about hours and office policies, as these vary based on location. The treasurer will issue your renewed car registration documents and license plate tabs.

To renew car registration by mail, first contact your County Treasurer to learn the correct mailing address. The treasurer will also tell you which forms of payment the county's office accepts. Mail the appropriate documentation listed above, as well as the correct payment, to your County Treasurer's office. You will receive your renewed car registration certificate and license plate tabs in the mail.

How to Renew Expired Car Registration in Nebraska

Nebraska drives may renew an expired car registration in NE without receiving a penalty. Drivers can renew expired car registration online using the above procedures as long as the registration has not been expired for more than one year. A motorist must follow the steps listed above for renewing car registration in person or through the mail if his or her vehicle registration has been expired for longer than one year.

In Nebraska, if you fail to renew car registration before it expires, then you will not automatically be charged a late fee. However, if a law enforcement officer stops you for driving with expired car registration credentials, then this can lead to a fine.

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