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How to Replace a Car Registration in Nebraska

Carrying a copy of car registration in Nebraska is required of state drivers at all times. Drivers must replace car registration when it is lost, as the document is required to operate motor vehicles and trailers. Mopeds, most agricultural vehicles, ATVs and similar off-road vehicles are excluded from this requirement. In the event of a lost car registration, a driver must obtain a duplicate car registration as soon as possible. Motorists may replace car registration online, in person at a County Treasurer’s office or through the mail. Learn how to replace car registration by reviewing the sections below.

How to Replace Lost Nebraska Car Registration Online

When handling issues with DMV lost registration, some motorists can obtain a copy of car registration online. Replacing vehicle registration online requires drivers to pay a fee, submit proof of financial responsibility (insurance) and provide information about their vehicle, including the license plate number, weight and class. If this information cannot be provided, then the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) may be required. Drivers can replace car registration online if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • The lost car registration has not been expired for more than one year
  • No information needs to be changed on the car registration copy
  • The vehicle that needs replacement car registration does not weigh more than 27 tons
  • The driver’s address is the same as the one that was listed on the original copy of car registration
  • Applicants are able to submit a payment by entering their checking account number or credit card information

When replacing car registration online, the driver’s insurance information will be checked against Nebraska’s online Insurance Database. Acceptable forms of proof of financial responsibility include a certificate of insurance issued by an authorized insurance company, a bond, a certificate of deposit issued by the County Treasurer or a valid certificate of self-insurance.

Nebraska drivers who replace lost vehicle registration online will receive their duplicate car registration at the address listed on the original copy. The DMV copy of registration will arrive in the mail within five to seven business days. If information such as the driver’s name or address has changed since he or she last had a copy of a car registration, then he or she must follow the steps below for replacing car registration in person or through the mail. Similarly, if a motorist’s lost car registration copy was expired for more than one year, then he or she will need to replace it by mail or in person.

Replace Nebraska Car Registration by Mail or in Person

If you are not eligible to replace NE car registration online, then you must complete the replacement procedure by visiting your County Treasurer’s office or mailing your documents to the office. When you have lost car registration, you will need to provide an original document showing proof of vehicle insurance, the necessary information about your vehicle and payment to the County Treasurer. You may need to provide the VIN if you cannot provide other information about your vehicle. If you need to update any information for your car registration copy, such as your name or address, then the treasurer may be able to complete this step for you when you obtain a replacement registration copy.

To replace vehicle registration by mail, contact your local County Treasurer’s office to learn the correct mailing address and payment amount. You must then mail your original proof of insurance document and vehicle information, along with the correct payment, to the County Treasurer’s office.

When to Replace Lost Car Registration in Nebraska

NE drivers who have damaged or lost car registration documents will need to replace their registration as soon as possible. Nebraska motorists who are unsure where their car registration copy is located should obtain a replacement as soon as possible in order to avoid potential issues. Driving without a copy of vehicle registration could lead to a fine if the driver is stopped by the police.

Most drivers who need a copy of car registration have only misplaced or damaged their original document. However, some drivers may have lost car registration because it was stolen. Drivers who suspect that their car registration copy, license plates or vehicle registration tabs were stolen may need to report the suspected theft to the police.

Fees for Duplicate Car Registration in Nebraska

When getting a copy of car registration in Nebraska, drivers should be prepared to pay a fee. The duplicate car registration fee may vary based on the driver’s county of residence. In the event that lost vehicle registration documents have also expired, they must be renewed to obtain a copy. Renewing car registration will lead to an additional fee, which varies based on the value, age, weight, class and county of registration for each vehicle.

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